Small Format Interchangeable Construction Core

P/N: 8C03

Production Process:

High Precision Machining / Electroplating / Assembly

Housing Material:

Brass C6304

Small Format Interchangeable Core / Removable Cylinder:

Our SFIC cylinders are made from Japanese High precision Multi Axis CNC machines with manufacturing tolerance just shy of 0.01mm, The workmanship brings out the best of Core quality the industry can offer today. With over 10,000,000 Codes available, easy re-key (re-pin) gives this Core the Versatility and Flexibility in any security applications. From a simple Core Change/Swap (Core Interchangeability) to complex Key Access Management system, it offers quick, efficient, convenient, and High Security Solutions for everyone.


Face Cover Surface Finish:



ABEST Standard
BBEST Standard
CBEST Standard
DBEST Standard
EBEST Standard
FBEST Standard
GBEST Standard
HBEST Standard
JBEST Standard
KBEST Standard
LBEST Standard
MBEST Standard
NBEST Standard
QBEST Standard
WABEST Standard
WBBEST Standard
WGBEST Standard
WTBEST Standard
X1ICK Exclusive

Available Keyways Includes, Best Standard 21 keyways, 1 High security Exclusive Keyway, and New Exclusive keyways upon request.

Core Options:

66 Pin Core
77 Pin Core
7S7Pin Core Split Lug


Code Configuration:

00Blank Core
KAkey Alike
KDKey Different
MKMaster Key System
GMGrand Master Key System
GGGreat Grand Master Key System

Master Key control systems available from MK to GGGMK. Please inquire more for Master key system requirements.


1) OP Key (Operating Key)
2) Ctrl Key (control Key)
3) MO Key (Master Operating Key)
4) MC Key (Master Control key)

High Quality White Copper keys for longer wear resistances and Durability.

Please State in the Inquiry box for Key requirements.


P/N: 8C03

Customization Notes