SFIC Cam Lock

P/N: 8H01

Production Process:

Die Casting / Stamping / High Precision Machinning / Electroplating / Assembly

Cylinder type:

BEST Compatible SFIC Core Click here to view Product.

Standard Accessories:

Mounting Screws
Mounting Plate
Cam Stops

Optional Accessories:

Adjustment Key

SFIC Straight Cam

SFIC Cam – Fix Plate

SFIC Hook Cam

SFIC Invert Cam


SFIC Offset Cam

Housing Surface Finish:

C1(US26D) Satin Chrome + Brush
C2(US26) Bright Chrome
S1(US15) Satin Nickel Plating
B1(US4) Sating Brass + Brush
B2(US3) Bright Brass
M1(190) Matte Black (190)
B3(US10B) Satin Bronze
CFCustomize Finish Available

Cam Rotation Configuration:

0312 to 3 Clockwise
0912 to 9 Counter Clockwise
303 to 12 Counter Clockwise
363 to 6 Clockwise
636 to 3 Counter Clockwise
696 to 9 Clockwise
969 to 6 Counter Clockwise
909 to 12 Clockwise

Viewing from the Backside of the lock to determine the Cam rotation.

Key Retaining Configuration:

RKey Retaining
NKey Non-Retaining


Cam type:

0No Cam
SUStraight Cam Upward position
SDStraight Cam Downward position
OUFOffset Cam Up-Forward position
OUBOffset Cam Up-Backward position
ODFOffset Cam Down-Forward position
ODBOffset Cam Down-Backward position
HULHook Cam Upward position Left
HDLHook Cam Downward position Left
HURHook Cam Upward position Right
HDRHook Cam Downward position Right
LUL Cam Upward position
LDL Cam Downward position
IVShort Cam

View the Specification of each Cam types Here.

Cam Length A:

0No Length
193/4" (19mm)
227/8" (22mm)
251" (25.4mm)
281-1/8" (28.57mm)
311-1/4" (31.75mm)
341-3/8" (34.92mm)
381-1/2" (38.1mm)
441-3/4" (44.45mm)
502" (50.8mm)
632-1/2" (63.5mm)
763" (76.2mm)

Cam Length B:

0No Length
193/4" (19mm)
227/8" (22mm)
251" (25.4mm)
281-1/8" (28.57mm)
311-1/4" (31.75mm)
341-3/8" (34.92mm)
381-1/2" (38.1mm)
441-3/4" (44.45mm)
502" (50.8mm)
632-1/2" (63.5mm)
763" (76.2mm)

Customization Options:

View the Standard Specification of each Cam types Here in Detail.

All Cams types comes in its own standard lengths as well as customizable dimensions by request. Inquire for more information for your customization needs.

P/N: 8H01

Customization Notes